Cast iron , pans, griddles etc...
Cast-iron cookware is a must for almost every kitchen. Besides being an ideal heat conductor, cast iron heats evenly and consistently, it is inexpensive and will last a lifetime with proper care, and it is an old-fashioned way to cook fat free. When well seasoned, a cast-iron pan will be stick resistant and require no additional oil.  The benefits of cast-iron pans are terrific: Foods slide out of it as from no pan made with non-stick; it goes from stove to oven; no special utensils are needed to cook in it; it won't warp, and cleanup is a cinch. The seasoning is a soy-based vegetable oil which is baked onto the cookware.  No animal fat used.


Mini  Cast iron Skillet 12" diameter 1" depth

1 pounds 5 ounces 
Kitchen Fantasy 5" cast iron skillet


Lodge Cast iron Skillet 12" diameter 2" depth

7 pounds 5 ounces 
Lodge 12" cast iron skillet


Lodge Cast iron Skillet 10" diameter 2" depth

5 pounds 4 ounces 
Lodge 10 1/4" cast iron skillet


Lodge Cast iron Square Grill pan
10 1/2" square 1 3/4" deep 

6 pounds 11 ounces 

Lodge 10 1/2 square cast iron skillet


Lodge Cast iron round griddle
10 1/2" square 1 3/4" deep 

4 pounds 1 ounce

Lodge 10 1/2 round cast iron griddle


Round griddle cast iron great for tortillas 
4 pounds 1 ounce
includes handle holder shown
10 .25 round cast iron griddle (China)

What are the advantages of cooking with Lodge cast iron?

Great cooks insist on cast iron cookware due to its heat retention and even heat distribution, superior to other metals.
Cast iron Dutch ovens

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