This is Victorinox Swiss Cutlery. The Blades are high carbon, stainless steel. They are hand finished by Victorinox in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen. A special tempering process is used to produce an edge that can be re-sharpend over and over again. Forschner sharpness has been an industry standard since 1855.  For those who must know:  Rockwell is 54-58.

Victorinox Swiss Cutlery

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In business since 1984 family owned and operated! Proud to offer or R.H. Forschner Cutlery!

Today lets talk about what I think is the most important tool in your kitchen: knives! There are so many available, it is difficult to know what to buy. Over the years I have bought so many I can hardly believe it myself and yet I know it's true as I still have most of them! I just can't seem to make myself throw them away So... What exactly do you NEED?
 Well, I think everyone needs a GOOD paring knife, (you have to decide what size, 4 inch or 6 inch), it needs to take and keep a good sharp edge and it needs to feel good in your hand. Personally, I like stainless, but at one time I had an old flint bladed paring knife that I used until I finally wore the blade out! The next thing to look for is a well seated blade. The ones that you can see the blade in the handle and you can see the brads that hold them together are usually best. Check the edge. If it's not sharp when you buy it, it probably never will be.
A GOOD Chef's knife is just as important and maybe more so. We do so much slicing and chopping, and it is so much easier with a good quality knife!  The same criteria applies; a sharp edge, a well seated blade and a well made handle.
Now you can do most jobs in a kitchen with just these two knives, but I think a GOOD boning knife is almost as important. This thin bladed, flexible knife will be such a handy tool you will soon wonder how you ever managed without it.
If you are into baking, you will need a GOOD serrated bread knife. It will allow you to slice your bread without crushing it. (After all that work, it is heart breaking to crush your loaf just to get it sliced!)
I can't encourage you too much to buy the best quality you can afford when you are buying knives. They make your work in the kitchen go so much easier and faster. Keep them clean, dry. and sharp and they will last you a long, long time. Some of mine are over thirty years old!
Check out the inventory at Kitchen Fantasy, talk to Kitchen Fantasy, and or Claudia. They can guide you on your choice. A few extra dollars spent today can save you a good deal of money in the future.
Any questions? Any comments? Let me hear from you. Until next time...

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Kitchen Fantasy
27576 Ynez Road H-9
Temecula CA 92591

In business since 1984 family owned and operated! Proud to offer our Forschner Cutlery.