Traditional Mexican taco tongs, tortilla press, taco holder, Tortilla basket, guacamole bowl and salsa bowl at bottom of page.

This Tortilla warmer really works!  45 seconds in Microwave= Hot and soft up to 1 hour!  Also works with flat and pita breads!  
Yellow no pattern.

Taco Tongs (make your own taco shells) 1061 
basket size is 4 3/4 by 2 inches

Tortilla Basket 6.5 inches 102 


Taco Rack 1062 $3.99

taco rack measures handle to handle outside measurements 21 1/2 inches, inside measures handle to handle 19"

Tortilla Bowl Maker (set) also great for brioche! $13.99


9" diameter approximately 3" tall

Tortilla press for corn tortillas 648054915064 

7.5" Diameter Cast iron

Tortilla press for corn tortillas 1063 

6.25" Diameter aluminum

Plastic Tortilla press for corn tortillas 648054981182 

6.25" Diameter

Lemon or Lime Squeezer
lemon juicer --just like the lemon squeezer Rick Bayless uses on Food TV! Our lemon/lime squeezer is made of cast aluminium. It has a hole in handle for hanging right next to your sink or bar area. It's the easiest press to use, extracts only the juice and none of the pith like standard reamers do. 

8" long 2.75" diameter

$6.99 $4.99
Yellow Lemon Squeezer

8.25" long 2.75" diameter

Orange Squeezer

9" long 3.25" diameter


Tortilla Warmer
Tortilla/Pancake Keeper Perfect for tortillas, pancakes or breads, this light-weight keeper comes in handy for keeping your foods warm while passing around the table.

10 inch diameter 5 inches tall

Tortilla Warmer
small tortilla Keeper:
Perfect for restaurants and parties where insulation is not that important.  This is a single wall tortilla keeper.

8 3/4 inch diameter 2.5 inches tall

New Item!
Guacamole Bowl

3pc Set Perfect for serving Guacamole
6 1/2 inches long by about 4 1/2 inches high

New Item!
Salsa Bowl

3pc Set Perfect for serving fresh salsa
6 1/2 inches long by about 4 1/2 inches high

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