Sauce Master Tomato Sauce Maker

#1951 Tomato Sauce Maker $59.99
Includes  Standard screen  & 1955 grape spiral.

Material :   Plastic / Aluminum
Size/Capacity :   12" Assembled
Origin :   Taiwan
Cleaning & Care :   Removable parts NOT dishwasher safe

The Sauce Master Food Strainer is ideal for making fresh sauces, purees and juices at home! It automatically separates juice pulp from the seeds and skins with an easy continuous operation - great for home canning, freezing and dehydrating. Perfect for tomato sauce and paste! Includes a plunger, a spiral and screen, recipes and instructions.

1953 or 1954 or 1954SS, Are $18.99 each piece. 1955 is $11.99


1951 Sauce Master The only strainer you'll need for vegetables, fruits and purees. Includes recipe and instruction booklet. Boxed

Accessories available: 

Extra 1953 Berry Screen Fine mesh screen. (already included with Salsa Master)

1954 Pumpkin Screen Coarse mesh screen. (not included with Salsa Master)

i 1954SS Salsa Screen (not included with Salsa Master)

Stainless steel

Extra 1955 Grape Spiral Use with standard screen. (already included with Salsa Master)

$189.99 each
The original all aluminum Squeezo Made in USA Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The item is like The sauce master about but better quality and mostly metal.