This page contains a blade grinder (great for grinding coffee and spices) and a high-end conical bur grinder! At the very bottom a nice heavy duty espresso tamper!

$99.99 $89.99

  • The slow motion of the grind preserves more natural bean flavor while offering a wide variety of coffee grinds - 

  • The precision timer allows you to choose from ten to thirty seconds of grind time - 

  • Easy-to-read setting on the side of the hopper ensures the perfect grind -

  •  Hopper holds a half pound of coffee beans. 

  • Best quality! but not for spices coffee only.

Heavy Duty coffee tamp for espresso machines
Heavy aluminum
2 3/4 inches long 2 3/16 diameter 1 15/16" diameter 

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in business since 1984 family owned and operated! Proud to offer our coffee and spice grinders.  Blade grinders work great for spices and flax seeds.




This Note From Helen's Kitchen is mostly for people who like really fresh tasting coffee and for people who like a really fresh taste of the spices they use in cooking. (Does that take in all of you? Hope so!) One of the best ways of insuring a really fresh cup of coffee is to start with fresh beans., and for that you have to rely on the date on the package, then when you get them home they go into the freezer or refrigerator! Each day you remove and grind only what you will use that day. Use your coffee grinder ONLY for coffee. (You really don't want to have your coffee tasting like your spices any more than you want your spices tasting like coffee. Yes! I am suggesting that you buy two machines. They don't cost very much and are almost impossible to wash (more about that later in this note) so unless you want to risk mingling of the flavors this is the only thing to do. With the spice grinder you can mix as many flavors as you need and not have to be concerned about residue.The life of most spices is fairly short and I am now going to tell you how to get rid of what ever is left in your grinder.


This technique works for both your coffee grinder (it gets rid of the powdery residue And the oils left behind after grindings which can become rancid if left standing too long) and your spice grinder ( which will also have a residue and from some spices or citrus peel you will have oil) First select a pastry brush to be used only for this purpose and use it to remove everything you can from inside the grinding cup. Now take half a slice of day old bread, break it into pieces, put into grinding cup.Grind. Remove bread crumbs.Brush again. Clean the outside of the grinder with a damp cloth and it's like new again. so, you ask, if it works that well why buy two machines? The oils. They get between the cutting blade and the machine and I haven't found a way to get it ALL out. Maybe later, if so I'll let you know.




PS When you clean your spice grinder, save the bread crumbs, you can use them on top of a macaroni casserole, potatoes gratin, or use to bread fish etc., etc., etc.