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Kitchen Fantasy
27576 Ynez Road H-9
Temecula CA 92591
(951) 693-4264

We have thousands of items in stock in our store that are not shown on this page.  If you need something please call us.  We also stock Restaurant Supply items!.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Almond Emulsion, Glycerin, Lemon Extract, Almond Extract

Alphabet Cookie cutter set 

Apple Kitchen Decor

Apple Peelers, slicers, corers, and potato peeler. Clamp and suction models


Artichoke Steamer


Bakeware, Madeline, Short cake or short bread cutter, muffin Top,  Cake-Sicle Pan, pastry roller, Lattice roller, dough blender, pastry cutter  Pastry matt, pastry sheet.

Bakeware stainless steel cookie sheets, jelly roll pans, cake pans, brownie pans, muffin pans spring form pans etc..

Bacon Press

Bagel Slicer

Bamboo chopping Blocks and cutting boards

Bar Items Cream Chargers, Soda Chargers

Barbeque grill baskets

Basting Brush


Black American Chef

Blenders_Vita-Mixer Blender

Betty Boop Items

brazier pans

Bread Keeper and bread boards

Broiler pans, roasting pans lasagna pans, and stainless salt and pepper shakers

Budnt pans by Nordicware

Bunt and angel food Pans, spring form pans

Burner Covers

Butter Bell, butter Slicer

Butterfly Ceramic Decor


Cabbage Shredder

Cake Bases

Canapé maker sets

Can Crusher

Canning Funnels, jar lifter racks other canning items.

Cannoli Forms, Cream Horns, Checkerboard Pans, Cooling Racks

Can Openers

Cast Iron


Champagne Bucket Stainless Steel

Chafing Dishes

Cheese slicers  

Chef Coats

Chinos or China Cap

Chocolate Machine

Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acit, Tartaric Acid, Xanthan Gum

Citrus Juicer, lemon reamers, zesters, grapefruit knive, grapefruit spoons.

Cocktail Forks, spreaders, hors D' oeuver knives

Coffee Percolators (Stove Top) and Some nice Tea Pots and Tea Kettles

Coffee Press, "French" Press Coffee makers, and frother

Coffee and spice grinders

CokeÒ Coca Cola items

Cookware Sets

Colanders Stainless Steel mesh

Cookie guns, spritz cookie makers

Cooling Racks

Copper Cookware

Cork Screws

Corn Items

Cow Kitchen Decor

Crepe Pan, Krumkake baker, Pizzelle Iron, Mickey Waffe Maker


Cup Warmer

Cutlery From Victorinox


Deep Fryer Electronic


Demi spoons, espresso spoons, little tiny spoons

Distilling Set

Dollar Items

Donut Making, and muffin splitter

Double Boilers, Steamers,Spaghetti Pots, Fish Poachers, Asparagus Pot

Dough press, dumpling makers

Dutch Ovens Cast Iron


Earthenware Bean pot and onion Soup Crocks

Egg beater, hand help old fashion manual

Egg Items, pancake rings all kinds

Egg Poacher

Escargot items

Espresso Machines Electronic

Espresso Makers Stove top!


Fat separator, oil cans, grease bucket, fat mop

Fajita Pan

Fish Turner

Flavor Inector


Flavoring Oils

Flour Sifters, crank, squeeze, and battery.

Frittata Pan

French Fry Machine


Fruit Bowl Fine Italian Glass

Fruit Kitchen Decor

Fry Baskets and Strainers



Gadgets, PineApple Slicer, block scraper, Bean Frencher , stainless steel New! Avacodo Slicer

Garlic items (roasters keepers etc..)

Garnish Kits

Garnish tools and gadgets

Gelatin molds

Glass Cooking Pots

Gnocchi Board

Grabber Long reach Grabber

Grape Kitchen Decor

Green Apple

Griddles (comal) non-stick

Griddle Stainless Steel Round


Hard to find items Steam Pudding Molds, Brioche Molds, Spaetzle Maker,Bird's Nest Maker.

Heat Defusers, Simmer rings, splatter guard

Herb Keeper

Honey Bear 

Honey Serving, and syrup servers


Ice crushers, ice shavers, snow cone machines, Ice pop makers, ice pop sticks

Induction pots stainless steel

Irish Coffee Mugs/Glass


Juicers Juice Press, Citrus Juicer


Juice Steamer Stainless Steel 



Ladle Cradle

Lamb Cake Mold


lazy Susan

Le Creuset Cast Iron

Limoncello Set Made in Italy

Loaf Pans bread pans


Llubricant food grade 


Macadamia nut cracker

Mammy Ceramic Decor

Mandoline Slicer


Martini Set

Meatball makers

Meat Saw, butcher's Saw

Meat Grinders

Meat tenderizers, pounders

Meat Slicer

Measuring cups

Melon Ballers

Messermeister The Sharpest Forged Cutlery in the world!

Mexican Cooking Items



Microplane Graters zesters etc..

Mini Ice cube Tray

Mixing Bowls Large Size Stainless Steel

Molecular Gastronomy Kits

Mongolian Hot Pot

Mortar and Pestle


Non-Stick Stock Pots

Nut Cracker 

Nylon Strainer

Onion Chopper

Oriental cooking items shushi mat, bamboo skimmer, Chinese cleaver

Oriental Clay Cooking Pots

Outdoor Cookware

OXO Good Grips


Paella Pans

Palm Tree Kitchen Decor

Palm Tree Kitchen Decor with dark cream backgroud

Pasta Pot, pasta items

Pasta Jars

Percolators (stove top)

Pie Pans Glass

Pineapple Kitchen Decor


Pink Curing Salt


Pepper Mills Pepper Grinders

Pizza stones, pizza pans, pizza knives, and other pizza stuff.

Popcorn Popper

Potato Ricers, heavy duty stainless.

Pot Racks

Pressure Cookers

Pretzel Making set



Rennet, Liquid Animal or Vegetable Rennet

Rice Cooker

Rolling Pins

Rossette timbale, and Fattigmann makers (sets)

Rooster Kitchen Items



Salad Spinners

Salt and pepper shakers

Salt Box Salt Cellar

Sauce Master

Scales, digital and portion, ounce and gram

Scone Pan


Serving Trays

Serving Trays Acrylic

Shrimp peeler deveiner, lobster bibs, oyster knife crab craker, lemon wraps etc..

Sheet pans Full and half size

Shells for baking

Shun Seki Japan Fine cutlery

Silicone Bakeware

Sink Daisy, sink items

Skillets 5 inch 15 inch heavy duty



Smoothie Maker


Soup Spoons


Spatula offset

Spring Form Pans


Squeeze Bottles

Stainless steel bakeware, round cake, square cake, muffin pans, cookie

Stainless Steel Sauté pans, skillets, fry pans, and double burner griddle

Steam Juicer


 sheets, jelly roll, spring form pans.

Stainless Cookware sets Heavy

Stock pots Heavy Stainless Steel Large  

Stainless Cookware open stock pieces

Steamer Pots

Steam pudding molds

Strawberry Kitchen Decor 

Sunflower Kitchen Items

Sun Tea Jars (glass)

Swiss Diamond ™ Cookware 



Tart Pans, Pot Pie Pans, Loaf Pans

Tea Kettle Electric

Tea Pots

Tea prep and Serving items Tea Balls

Tea Sets 

Thermometers for cooking, deep fry, candy, refrigerator, freezer and more!

Stainless Steel Tongs, for ice, Salad or BBQ

The "EX" Human Body Knife holder with stainless knives

Timers, digital, and wind up



Tool Crock, jumbo size in ceramic

Towel Holder

Torch for Crème Brule

Tramontina Try Ply Clad Cookware

Trifle bowl

Turkey Stuff

Twixit Bag Sealers


Vacuum thermo bottles and hip flask

Vegetable Kitchen Decor

Vanilla Bean Paste, Pure Vanilla Extract, Clear Vanilla, Vanilla Sugar, Rose Water, Orange Blossom Water

Vertical chicken roaster, and adjustable -V- roaster


Viking Stainless Steel Cookware


Viking Stand Mixers

Vodka Shooter Sets made in Italy


Wheat Grass Juicer and Growing Kit

Wire storage items, hanging baskets, plate racks, fruit baskets etc..

Wine Bottle holders Copper

Winnie the Poo

Wine Decanter RoJaus Grapevine


Wood Items Bread Box Lazy Susan

Wrought Iron Kitchen Decor



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Temecula now has a fully stocked kitchen store where you can find all those gadgets you see on Food Network.  See our products and prices on line @ KitchenFantasy.com or visit our fully stocked store.


  • Fine Cutlery by RH Forschner
  • Pot Racks by Rogar
  • Garnish tools
  • Specialty Kitchen Gadgets
  • Fine Try Ply Clad Cookware
  • Knife sharpening
  • Full line of specialty bakeware
  • Barware
  • Pressure cookers and canning supplies
  • Decorative Ceramic Theme items
  • Serving ware
  • Personal service
  • Stainless steel


Kitchen Fantasy
27576 Ynez Road Ste H-9
Temecula CA 92591

(951) 693-4264 we do not have a catalog.

Located in the Target Center right behind Wells Fargo Bank (between Lindora and Nihon's Japanese restaurant ).



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