Heat deffusers prevent scorching, burning and boil overs. Protect glass and porcelain from overheating, and cracking. Makes a double boiler out of every pan when cooking. This page also contains splatter guards, and splatter screens.

Heat diffuser with folding/removable handle 8 1/4 inch b1101 $9.99

Removable handle

Cast iron Heat diffuser with folding handle 7 inch 255

Protect your cookware from excessive heat that can scorch your cookware and your food. This 7" cast iron diffuser absorbs the heat and distributes it evenly so that you can safely cook in a tagine, simmer stews or melt chocolate.

Nonstick splatter guard 3 10x9" panels fold down for easy storage. $7.99

Fine Mesh construction protects against hot grease splatter while cooking food.

Choose from 3 sizes to covers most pans!

13 inch Splatter screen

11.25 inch Splatter screen $3.99

7.5 inch (small) splatter screen


Fine stainless steel mesh construction protects against hot grease splatter while cooking food.


13 inch Stainless Steel Splatter screen Dishwasher Safe

Nonstick splatter guard screen
11 3/4" diameter

Stainless Steel Mesh

Nonstick splatter lid screen
11" diameter


Universal Lid

Stainless Steel. Universal lid features a stay cool knob and fits most pots and fry pans. Adjustable vent in lid allows control over the release of steam.

Fits 8, 10, and 12 inch pans!

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