This page contains, some fruit baskets, hanging baskets.

7, 8.25, 9" Diameter baskets  Wire

This white three level creation holds everything from fruit to plants in a small 7", medium 8.25", and large 9" basket. 

Sorry only Red in stock!

Red $6.99


$14.99 Banana Tree Fruit Bowl, Chrome

The unique hook above the bowl allows you to hang Bananas to avoid bruising while storing other fruits below. CHFB-2

15" tall 11 inch diameter


Chrome napkin holder
7 3/4 inches by 7 3/4 inches

Keeps napkins from falling out when you take one!

$10.99 Fruit Bowl, Chrome
12" diameter approximately 6.25" high

Great for displaying or serving fruits, breads and rolls. Create a new look by inserting a colorful bowl for chips, pretzels or other foods. CHFB-1

$17.99 Fruit Basket Stand, Chrome

Two-tier stand features non-skid rubber feet to prevent scratches, and handle that makes it easy to transport, and is great way to display, store or serve fruits, vegetables, rolls and other snack foods. CHB-3

17" Tall each basket is 11" diameter, aprox. 3.5 inches space between baskets.

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