This page contains those little things that make tea time special. Drip catchers, tea balls, bag squeezers, tea bag holders, etc.. Make your traditional tea party special!


Tea Balls are also great for spices in soups!

Tea ball 4 inch dia oblong (3.5 inches tall) mesh stainless steel M44248  

Tea ball 3.5 inch dia 2.5 inches tall round mesh stainless steel 54086 $7.99


Chrome Toast holder 6 slice

also great for holding letters etc.

Kettle Scale Collector

Use this kettle scale collector in any tea kettle to remove calcium scale from the teakettle. To use, place the fine stainless steel mesh in the tea kettle while the water is boiling. Rinse under cold water to clean..

Tea bag squeezer stainless steel $1.99

White (thick hard plastic) tea bag holder M51002 $1.49

4.25 inches by 3 inches Tea Caddy

White (metal) tea bag holder M52003 $1.99

4.25 inches by 3 inches Tea Caddy

Sugar tong stainless steel $2.79

Tea tip strainer 54045 $3.99

Spice or Tea Brew bags re-usable

4x3 inches

Heart Tea Infuser Stainless Steel with tray $3.99

Tea "spoon" Infuser Stainless Steel with handle $2.49

"Spoon" Tea Infuser Stainless Steel mesh ball with handle 1 3/4 dia $2.49

Tea Ball with drip cup 1.5" $2.99

Stainless Steel whistling tea kettle with stainless infuser
kettle is 6 inches tall plus another 4 inches for handle 8 inch diameter very nice!

Super Jumbo size stainless steel tea kettle!
Very hard to find item!
7.5 Liter about 8 US quarts or 2 Gallons

Tea Sets

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