This page, has scales for all your kitchen needs, weather you are need an inexpensive portion scale, or a digital scale accurate to 1/100 of a gram. If you are looking for a scale try to think most about what increments you would weigh most often, then pick a scale that has those increments very fare apart for easier viewing.


Capacity 7000g (15.4 pounds)

Readability 1.0g

Accuracy (as tested): 1g

Modes: Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Kilograms

Tare: Yes

Calibration: Digital Auto Calibration

Warranty: Lifetime / 30 Years (no fees)

included Accessories: Mailing Tube Holder, Envelope Holder, Backlit Adjustable-Angle-Display, Acrylic Bowl, Batteries

Size: 8" x 6"

The My Weigh 7001DX was the most advanced mid-sized scale we'd ever tested and we liked it very much. There, we've said it now let's explain why we felt this way about this new scale. This is My Weigh's remake of their older 6001 series scale which we also tested 2 years ago. The design of the new 7001DX is quite impressive, the outlook is clean yet modern and contemporary. It blended into our office and kitchen environments. The 7001 features a nice new scale invention - an adjustable angle display. This means that no matter which angle you view the scale from, you can easily read the display. Why is this important? In the past consumers have complained about not being able to clearly see the numbers on their scale display, the 7001 overcame this with a multitude of improvements. First the display is now quite large, easy enough to read from across the room. Second the display has a bright backlight to enhance viewability. Third the display can be adjusted to various angles, it is on a hinge and can be raised or lowered on an angle as necessary. This is quite an accomplishment and we commend the 7001 for this invention. On other scales that we have tested it was necessary to move our head to a a particular angle in order to read the display. This lead to situations where we've found our body hovering precariously over the edge of your counter - just so that we could read the display of a scale.

7001dx digital scale  

5 lb Kitchen Scale Plastic. Round shaped scale features easy to read face with standard and metric measurements up to 2200 grams or 5 lbs. Includes a removable bowl for easy food preparation. Adjustable "zero" point. KT-1205

22 lb Kitchen Scale

Plastic/Stainless Steel. Easy to read dial large capacity (up to 22 pounds or 10KG). Adjustable "zero" point. Removable metal tray.

11 lb Kitchen Scale with removable tray. Simply turn notched band to set scale back to zero. Easy to read dial with standard and metric measurements (11 lbs or 5000gram).

17oz 500gram Kitchen Scale Plastic. Mini size scale has an easy to read dial with standard and metric measurement. A convenient removable cup ideal for small amounts of food for dieting.

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