This page contains a beautiful Staub Tajine! 

Tajine, similar to the French etouffé, is both the name for a vast number of stews found on the menus of every Moroccan eating place and the shallow and handleless earthenware utensil with a cone-shaped lid in which they are cooked. It derives its name from the Greek teganon (frying pan) and is believed to have a history to the times that the Greeks were in North Africa.

Prepared from fish, chicken, lamb or other meats and a wide variety of vegetables, tajines are fragrant, tart, spicy and sweet. Stewed with fruits, olives, lemons, herbs and spices, and simmered to produce tasty sauces, they are a perfect answer to a hungry person's dreams. When cooked in tajine earthenware, they reach their epitome of flavour. The mouth-watering taste of steaming tajines are as a result of the conical-lid capturing the steam and juices from all the ingredients simmering together for long hours over very low heat without the cover being removed. 

This Tajine is made from enameled cast iron  a traditional and strong material,
perfect for low heat cooking. It retains heat better than
any material, including stainless steel and aluminum. The
equal distribution of heat will eliminate hot spots, allowing
you to cook the most delicate dishes. All Staub products
are enameled on the inside and out, including the black
matte finish. The special black matte enamel interior does
not require seasoning and will not react to acidic foods.


Each piece of Staub cookware has been personally designed
by Francis Staub and individually crafted in a single-use sand
mold. You can be sure your piece is a one of a kind creation!

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