Dicers, slicers cutters, French Mandoline, and some unique food prep items. Scroll down to see the benriner slicers (helper), Mouli food mills, and graters.

Original French Mandoline Slicer 2470 $189.99  

Mandolin slicer for slicing, shredding, waffle and julienne cuts. 100% stainless steel. 38 prong reversible julienne blade. Comes with pusher. 20638CHB Bron

The Bron Mandolin is made of Stainless Steel in France and includes the folding stand and pushing guard and fully adjustable blades. The stainless steel foot allows you to use the mandolin at an angle, and the stainless steel hand guard and guide protects your hands from the sharp blades. This is the original professional model. You can use the Bron mandolin for slicing, shredding, making waffle cuts and julienne cuts. The Bron Mandolin slices and wavy-cuts, it juliennes and french fries, it cuts matchsticks and makes lace cuts, it garnishes in a variety of thickness. The Bron mandolin is 16 inches long, 4 1/2 inches wide, 10 1/4 inches high with legs extended. It is all stainless steel as mentioned above. The carriage guard guides each stroke to a perfect slice and protects your fingers. This is a professional chefs instrument and requires practice and patience for the new user. (Returns Subject to 15% re-stock fee)

About the blades;

The top blade "rotates" to three positions 1. French Fry's, 2. Julienne, 3. Slice. The actual "cutting" blades can be moved (continuously variable .3mm to 10mm) for a variety of thicknesses on all three above. Bottom blade, very nice Waffle (or wavy cut) also can be moved for a variety of thicknesses.

Heavy Duty!  Slice, shreds or juliennes vegetables and fruits with one easy motion.

Borner V-Slicer Made in Germany!
 Mandoline Slicer 056975910011 
More info

This is the sharpest and easiest to use for the price! As seen at the local fair for over $50.00


Professional Mandoline Slicer 5569 $39.99

Heavy Duty!  Slice, shreds or juliennes vegetables and fruits with one easy motion.

Saladacco Spiral Slicer

Perfect for "Raw food diets" makes meals fun and interesting.

$44.99 Slicer cook helper Benriner

Benriner turning vegetable slicer

The four different blades allow you to make unique and beautiful garnishes. Paper thin slices of Cucumber, or long potato or carrot strings, this slicer will do it for you effortlessly. This is an easy to clean kitchen tool that will give years of service. Made from tough ABS and Nylon reinforced resin and the blades can be replaced!

Benriner Slicer Turner BN5 $89.99 Web Special

Also cuts the vegetables into spirals like the Helper/Slicer, but the horizontal design is easier for large quantities.


Food Mill (made in China) HFM-300 
Opening on top is 9 inches
Food Mills are for puree great for potatoes baby food anything you need "mushy" sometimes people refer to this as "ricing"

includes 3 disc

Standard Benriner

Perfect for both household and professional use. 
3 Interchangeable blades.


Jumbo Benriner
Great for Cabbage! 4.5 inch cutting surface width!
Free and easy adjustment of thickness Extra thin~ 8mm
Even large size vegetables can be cut in a certain thickness across width.



Very sharp thin, adjustable simple slicer

New stainless blade!

Universal Grater Suction mount
Fine grater for cheese, dry bread, chocolate, almonds, apples, et...
Medium Grater for carrots, onions, apples, turnips, celery, potatoes, etc..
8 inches tall
made in Italy

Super Shred 2000

3 reversible blades
Cuts into chips (frys), slices, coarse grater, medium grater, fine grater
10 inches tall

made in Italy

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