This page contains grill baskets, barbecue baskets, and fish grilling baskets and some nice real stainless steel Kabob Skewers

Grill Basket
Non-stick coated with black wood handles. Eliminates the need for any tools with this grill basket! Simply place multiple burgers chicken, steak, fish , beef, shish-kabobs or vegetables inside the basket and adjust the thickness so there is a tight fit. Secure the ring on the handle to lock the lid into place and set the basket on the grill. Flip the entire basket over when meat is ready to be turned, allowing even cooking. Features long stay-cool handles that keep your hands away from the hot grill.  
Basket size is 12 inches by 10 inches great for burgers!

Triple fish Grill basket
11" X 11" With Wooden handle

Indoor Stove Top BBQ

Works on Gas or Electric Stoves

Just add water to reservoir to make smokeless! 12.5" Diameter

12X12 by 2 inch deep BBQ-Grill basket

Non-stick. Basket features sloped slides to hold meats and vegetables while grilling. Long handles make it easy to take off the grill.

Bar-B-Q mop

basting mop 16" long

100% pure natural cotton yarn

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