Ladyfinger lady finger pan, Cake-Sicle Pan, Madeleine, Short cake or short bread pans, muffin Top, pastry roller, Lattice roller, dough blender, pastry cutter pastry mat, pastry sheet pastry crimper. and we just added the Baker' Edge Brownie pan

Cake Shooters! Set of two.

  • Cake

  • Icing 

  • Ice cream

  • fruit and more

Easy to eat stands on cap so you can put it down!

Desset Shooters/Cake Shooters
This is the next generation of cup cakes or cake pops.  Try these hip and fun little push up pops with your kids.  Both fun and elegant!
Tube size is 3.5 inches long by (the cap adds about another 3/4 inches) 1 5/8 inch diameter. Pushing stick is 3.5 inches long 

Brownie Pop Mold

Brownie pop, cake pop mold 8 cavity silicone mold, oven safe 500F freezer safe!


12 square muffins or cup cakes 
Give Muffins And Cupcakes A New, Fresh Look. Watch guests' eyes light up when you present them with muffins, crumb cakes, and cupcakes in fun, square shapes.
15.75 x11 inches each cup is 2 5/8"x2 5/8" x 1.5" deep

This is a heavy aluminum excellent quality.


Ladyfingers (called Savoiardi in Italian)  
Lady finger pan

Light and sweet sponge cakes roughly shaped like a large, fat finger. 

Today, their most common usage is in trifles, charlottes, and tiramisu. They are typically soaked in a sugar syrup or liqueur, such as coffee for the tiramisu dessert.

In the UK they may also be called sponge-fingers or boudouir biscuits.

This pan yields 12 4.5 inches long about 1 inch to 1.25 inch wide. (sheet is 11.5 by 10 inches)

Made in Portugal


Madeleine Pans  #H2499 

Who could resist a fresh baked madeline? This  Madeleine Pan produces tender, shell-shaped cakes. The "natural" pan will help these delicious cakes turn a golden brown.

This pan is made of heavy-gauge, tinned steel.   Make your own homemade madeleines, those dainty, cake-like cookies that are often served with coffee or tea. As your madeleines bake in this pan, the cookies are given their signature scalloped shapes.

The madeleine pan yields 12 3 inch by 2 inch cookies

Made in France


20 Mini Madeleine pan  (2 inch by one inch cookie)  h2496 

made in France. 

This is a heavy tin excellent quality.


Short cake Pan 22038 (top)


Shortbread cutter 3405
Tinplated 3" oblong for traditional Scottish shortbread cookies.


Cream Canoe Pan new!
Fun and easy to make. Just like those Twinkees you grew up with.
Heavy guage durable construction
Instructions and ideas included!



Cake-Sicle Pan new!
Non-stick for easy cleaning!
Bake frost and decorate!
Includes recipes and 25 sticks!)

11.25"X17.25" #3900

$12.99 $9.99 

2 Pc. Meatloaf Pan 3952 Non-stick. Top pan drains oils and fats directly into the lower pan while cooking meatloaf providing healthier low-fat results. Lower pan can also be used separately to bake breads.

cooking surface is 5.25" wide 9" long and 2.75" deep.


Non Stick Muffin Top Pan #3973
  14.5"X 11" between 1/2 inch and 9/16th deep

Large 4 inch muffin top pan 

Muffin Top Pan Tin (no non-stick)


12cup regular muffin pan Tin M22030 $6.99

24 cup mini muffin pan Tin 22051
sheet size is 13.5 x 10.5 inches

mini muffins are 1 5/8" on top 1 1/4" on bottom and about 1 inch deep.


Run this nifty lattice roller over dough to cut alternating rows in seconds. Now stretch over the top of your pie, and voila-a perfect latticework crust! No more cutting strips and weaving by hand. 8"L x 5"W.


Pastry Crimper 3248 $3.99

2.25 diameter wheel 1/2 wide wheel size.

Pastry wheel with stainless steel tubular handle.


1.75" diameter blade 8" long

Pizza or Pastry wheel with wood handle.


1.5" diameter blade 6" long


18"X24" Flexible Pastry mat

Plastic. Make perfect pie and pizza crusts, cookies, rolls and more with this versatile mat. Includes both recipes and dimensions printed on the mat. When not in use, simply roll up flexible mat for compact and easy storage.


PASTRY BLENDER Stainless Steel M44070 $4.99



Non-stick 6 cups muffin pan, 1 3/4" Deep 3 1/2 wide (at top) Q846

Brown Sugar Bear

Never have hard brown sugar again!
instructions included

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