This page contains bar items cream chargers, shot glass, mini measure, soda chargers, jigger, ice balls and wall mount bottle openers, mini ice cube trays.  Root beer set, Soda Fountain set.

Bar Tools Set 698-00-79
Great gift for the tool guy in you life!
Beer Bottle Opener /Hammer
Lemon & Lime Slicer/ Contractor's Saw
Cocktail Strainer/Spackle
Olive Picks/Stainless Steel Nails
Includes Carrying case shown

  $5.99 (Whip it)
Cream Chargers whip-it

Great for whip cream dispensers! These are actual Nitrus Oxide chargers (box of 10)

10 Cream chargers, non-refillable chargers are specially made for making whipped cream in Whippers. One charger whips up to 1/2 Liter (1 pint). Use cream whipper and chargers only in accordance with instruction.

These items can not travel via air

Do not use for any other purpose.  Misuse can be physically harmful and dangerous to your health. Color silver non aerosol. Recyclable steel. Contains 10 cm3 pure N2O under pressure.

cream chargers

$4.99 (the brand may vary)
Soda Chargers CO2

Leland Brand !Box of 10 CO2 chargers (soda)

Leland brand 100% pure CO2 box of 10 8 gm chargers. 2 1/2 " by 3/4 inches

These items can not travel via air


Professional glass rimmer for salt and Sugar

a must for the serious margarita drinker!
Very hard to find item!!


Spraytini Drink Enhancer
The stylish way to a dry Martini
3 inches tall


Bartenders friend Flat bottle opener
 One piece construction!

Very hard to find item!!


Old fashion magnetic can/bottle opener (Magnet on back allows storage on any metal surface). 4" long.

Very hard to find item!!

Soda Can Tab grabber.
opener 4 inches long.    


Old Stainless steel jigger. 1.5 ounce and .75 once 3 inches tall.

Very hard to find item!!


The Mini Measure shot glass measures tablespoons, teaspoons, ounces, and milliliters.

Heavy duty base resist tipping, dish washer safe permanent markings.


Cocktail & Martini Strainer fits professional 16oz mixing glass.

Stainless steel spring.

Actual Product is White


Set of 2 mini Cubets

Chill Drinks Faster ... Save Space! Tray makes 90 half-inch cubes. Set of 2 is the size of 1 regular tray.


Set of 2 bottle pourers

prevents bottles from dripping, includes caps. #395


Set of 3 bottle stoppers

seals beverages air tight includes opener. #288


no drip wine pourer stopper

rubber cork with replaceable cap.#492


Champagne & bottle stopper

Seals in freshness! #295


Posi Pour

Fast and accurate 1 ounce portion control for liquor, oils, vinegars etc. #1324

Pump Cork

Pumps air out to preserve opened wine. #032368060013


Pumps air in to keep fizz longer keeps soft drinks from going flat. #032368050021

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