This page contains  Paella Pans the Spanish rice and seafood dish for home .
For the most authentic flavor use "seasoned" steel pans this is the style that you'll find in 95 percent of households in Spain

The large cooking surface allows the rice to cook evenly and to maximize flavor. The carbon steel pan also helps in developing the socarrat, caramelized rice that sticks to the bottom of the pan.

This type of pan does require seasoning. This pan has a variety of uses and is excellent for camping. Polished steel paella pans are recommended to be used on gas stoves, any type of ovens, any type of grills and also can be used over a camp fire. Not recommended to be used on an electric or ceramic stove top.

Paella Pan non-stick Steel 14"

Extra Large Paella Pan 17.5 inch carbon Steel 2.5" deep (thick heavy duty)

This pan will fit over two standard burners. 
Made of  carbon steel, which responds very quickly to changes in temperature. The pan, which is shallow and has two looped handles on either side, is very durable. The carbon steel pan does require some care: it should be dried immediately after washing and its surface rubbed with a thin coating of vegetable oil to prevent rusting. (If rusting does occur, it can be easily scrubbed off with steel wool.)

Authentic design and for flavor

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