Cannoli Forms, Cream Horns, Checkerboad Cake Pans, cheese cloth, cake and pie divider.

Cannoli Forms 3660 $3.49 (set of 4) tin 5 3/8" long

we also have Same item above in Stainless Steel 5 3/8" long made in USA

Cheese Cloth 65 inches by 25 inches
Cheesecloth is a loosewoven cotton cloth used in cheese making, such as to press cheese curds for poutine. Cheesecloth is also used in straining stocks and custards, bundling herbs, making tofu, and thickening yogurt.

Cream Horns 3661 $3.49 (set of 6) tin

4 inches

Lady Lock Forms made of tin $3.99 each  
4 3/8 inches

Lady lock molds are just like an ice cream cone, they are not tapered like cream horns.

# 3813 $9.99

Checkerboard cake pan this is a complete cake pan set. Includes (3) 9 inch pans and one cake batter divider. recipe and instructions are included.

Porcelain Pie Bird  H43149 $2.99

Stop messy bubbling over!
No more slits in your pie crust!  Simply place the pie bird in the middle of the pie crust shell before filling.

8 slice Cake and Pie Divider. Stainless Steel.

10 3/4 inches Perfect equal slices every time. Use to cut portions, or to mark top of pie or cake.


Cooling Rack 13inch Round 4689 (not pictured)


Cooling Rack 10X14 inch 4694


Cooling Rack Set of 3 10x14 inch 4698

Baker's Mate folds up for easy storage

Folding 3 tier cooling rack stand
made in Sweden
9x10 inch racks 13 inches high


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